Walesby 2016

Monday at Walesby

30 May 2016

The Cubs final day at Walesby Forest’s Cubs100 camp.

Sunday at Walesby

30 May 2016

A day of packed activities at Walesby Forest Activity Centre for Cubs100.

Saturday at Walesby

28 May 2016

Find out what 1st Ripley and 1st Erewash Cubs got up to during their second day at Walesby Forest’s Cubs100 camp.

Friday Night

28 May 2016

So the camp is set up and the kettle is on.
The cubs went off exploring the site and making new friends. We saw the opening ceremony fireworks and disco.
Tomorrow we have lake activities in the morning and free rein to find all the activities and have a go.
There was also a lot of water getting splashed about when the water was filled up.

Camp is Set Up

27 May 2016

So the camp is set up!
A huge thank you to the few parent that came to help us set up the tents last night it was much appreciated. We just got it done before it went dark!
We just have one leaders tent and the cooking tent to put up when everyone arrives this evening.
Double check that you have your name in everything you are bringing with, and ask for 1st Ripley upon arrival if you can’t see one of the leaders.

Keeping Up To Date During Walesby Cub Camp

25 May 2016

With camp just around the corner I’m sure everyone is packed and getting super excited!
For the parents that don’t get to join in the fun and adventure on camp we are going to try and keep them up to date with what we are doing as best as we can.
Depending on the phone signal and what time we have available we’ll be tweeting throughout the day from 1st Ripley’s twitter account @1stRipleyScouts
In the evenings we’ll try and write a diary of what we have been doing during the day and …