Falcon Pack – Jan16

3 February 2016


Falcon pack have had a busy start to the year by working towards science badge by growing cress, experimenting with balloon rockets and seeing howHapy Australia Day! different items react with vinegar. We have also launched our cub100 activities by starting to make a totem pole beginning with the wolf head and paper mache. Falcon Pack have been challenged to gain 100 points over the year to win a prize in our cub100 point challenge. Challenges include wearing odd shoes for a night, making a cup of tea, going on a camp, and earning badges.
We all signed a necker that we have posted to the county which they will sew together to make one big necker at the adventure camp in July.100 Pea Challenge
The cubs also started working towards the first aid badge learning how to reassure a patient and put someone in the recovery position, how to treat burns, how to call 999, and how to use a triangular bandage.
We have welcomed 5 new members to our section as Samantha, Lewis, Daniel, Harry, and Robert were invested by Ron Ashton, GSL. We hope they have a great time before they move up to scouts.


Finally, we had an Australian themed night to celebrate Australia day where the cubs made cork hats, and played an Australian cub game called three ball throw. Also we held our own bush tucker trial so if you got a question wrong you had to try one of the “delicacies” such as dog food (mars bar and jelly) bat droppings (chocolate raisins), crocodile snot (cold mushy peas) and frog spawn (tapioca and green food colouring).
A huge thank you to Maria, Mary, Sue, Kelly and Lisa for their help and roll on February!Investiture