Falcon Pack’s February

27 February 2016

It has been another busy month for the Cubs in Falcon pack as they started the month finishing off their first aid stage two badge being taught how to apply bandages by Mary. Most of the Cubs have now finished their stage two first aid badge now and were presented with the badges on Pancake Day.

As Pancake Day happened to fall on a Tuesday this year, (how lucky!) the newly selected sixeWP_20160227_11_18_29_Prors were given the instructions and ingredients for pancakes and then they had to show the rest of their six how to make the pancakes. Each six had their own stove and frying pan. We had honey, sugar, strawberry jam, cream, and Nutella for toppings. The cubs made some really good pancakes and had some wild and crazy toppings! Sugar, cream, chocolate sauce, and strawberry jam anybody?

Our last meeting in February we did some more work on the totem pole and wolf’s head. The Paper Mache has now been completed and is now drying so that we can paint it in a couple of weeks’ time. The Cubs each had a go at using pyrography pens to trace the name of our pack onto a wooden plaque that we will be attaching to the totem pole.

Each six then created part of a flag that will be pieced together with flag pieces from each other Cub pack in our district ready for the St. Georges Day Parade in April. We didn’t have enough time to finish them on the night so we are going to finish them off in a couple of weeks’ time. Meanwhile three cubs practices making summer pudding and curried cod in practice for the cooking competition on the 27th February.

At the cooking competition Robert, Harry and Edward did really well cooking curried cod and summer pudding. They worked really well as a team and came fifth with 138 points. The winners got 154 points so there wasn’t much in it. All three have now earned their Chef badges and will be presented with them in a few weeks time.

As always a huge thank you to the leaders for all their help in running the activities and games.