The Gillian Gamble Minibus

Using the money left to the Group from a former leader, Gillian Gamble, we have bought a minibus to improve the Young People's access to everyday adventure. Please see below for more details about hiring the minibus.

Step 1: Contact the Group

Email with the dates and times that you would like to hire the bus.

The Minibus Team will then double check the availability and make a provisional booking. Please note that a booking is not confirmed until the Minibus Team have checked licences and emailed to confirm the booking.

Step 2: Check Drivers

To ensure that your party will be insured to driver the bus we carry out a licence check using the View/Share Driving Licence Information on the Governments website.

To give us enough time to check drivers before your booking please make sure that we have the share code 7 days before the start of the booking.

Pleas see the Driver and Hirer Requirements Page so see who can drive our minibus.

Step 3: Sign Hiring Agreement

Once the drivers have been checked, we will send you a hiring agreement and the Terms and Conditions for you to read, sign, and return.

Step 4: Receive Booking Confirmation

Once we have received a signed hiring agreement, and the drivers have been checked we will confirm your booking via email and arrange a suitable time to collect the minibus.

Step 5: Collect the Bus

When you come to collect the bus, one of the minibus team will show you around the bus. Identifying the locations of the first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and hi vis jackets etc. are.

We will also highlight any damage that we already know about.

During this we will also arrange a suitable time to return the minibus.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Trip!

Simply fill in the vehicle use form as you go filling in start and end mileage as required.

Step 7: Return the Bus

Upon return of the bus you will be met by a member of the Minibus Team to let you into the headquarters. We’ll check over the bus to ensure that nothing is missing and there is no additional damage, and collect the vehicle use form from you. You can also hand over any receipts for fuel purchased or email them to the minibus team within 48 hours.

If you have had any problems you can let us know now so that we can look into solving them.

Step 8: Invoicing

Within a few days of returning the bus the Minibus Team will email you with an invoice based on the mileage travelled less any fuel purchased.

All payments are to be made within 28 days by cheque or BACs transfer.

We hope that you enjoyed using our minibus and will do so again soon. If you have any feedback please let us know by emailing