The Troop started the year with a games night playing table tennis, snooker, darts, and table football.

Using hand saws, bit, and brace, hand drills, and screwdrivers the scouts have been making boot pullers. They have learnt how to use the tools correctly and safely. They made a great job of the boot pullers.

Using the computers, and the ordnance survey overlay on Bing maps they have planned their route from Codnor back to the HQ, which they will be walking in a few weeks time.

All of the troop took part in this years Chilly challenge of camping a night outside during January, along with three leaders and a young leader. The Scouts lit a Swedish candle in the evening and then roasted marshmallows over the fire. In the morning after a cold night and not much sleep we had a cooked breakfast, struck camp and hung the tents up inside to dry out. Everyone earned their Chilly Challenge badge which they can now wear on their uniform for the rest of the year.