Falcon Packs November Report

27 November 2015

Falcon Pack’s first month of meetings has been an busy one. In the first meeting the Cubs all wrote down what they would like to do on post it notes, it gave the leaders a lot of ideas on what we can do after Christmas. Then we played conkers trying to smash our opponents conkers to become the winner.

On the 10th November we had a go at dry swimming in the hall. Swimming up and the down the hall in a relay race, without water and then creating a map of the scout hut as we started working towards the navigator stage 1 badge.

We went to Drum Hill on the 3rd meeting to have a go a Archery, this was a great activity that everyone enjoyed, and we would like to thank the county archery team for running the activity for us.

During the last week of November we continued working towards the Navigator stage one badge by learning some different map symbols and then locating the scout hut on the ordnance survey maps.

Also during November we entered the District Football competition, we played really well and came in third place out of the six teams that entered.

If you’d like to get involved as a helper/leader then get in contact via the join page and a member of the leadership team will be in contact or speak to one of the leaders on a section night.