We have finally returned to face to face cubs meetings (at least whilst we are still permitted).

From April 2020 to September 2020 face to face scouting stopped, and instead we managed to hold some Zoom based meetings, but not all Cubs were able to joint them, so we also set up a sub-website to share what we have been doing.

E-Cubs Sub-Website

When face to face was allowed once more, the whole group prepared the scout hut, with plenty of sanitisers and hand wash.

We also created an explanatory note and new meeting procedure:-

Cubs during Covid 19

With 30 cubs, we split into two groups of 15, meeting on alternate weeks.

When the cubs arrive, we set out 15 chairs about 2 meters apart around the side of the hall, each with a white board and pen for the exclusive use of that cub. 

The cub can keep their coat, drink and snack there, and write their name and draw whatever funny things they want on the white board.

We then hold the grand howl with all the cubs at their chairs.

For our first meeting we played three socially distanced games to count towards the Skills Challenge Badge (try a sport).

Games Evening