With camp just around the corner I’m sure everyone is packed and getting super excited!

For the parents that don’t get to join in the fun and adventure on camp we are going to try and keep them up to date with what we are doing as best as we can.

Depending on the phone signal and what time we have available we’ll be tweeting throughout the day from 1st Ripley’s twitter account @1stRipleyScouts

In the evenings we’ll try and write a diary of what we have been doing during the day and get as many photos uploaded as we can. The photos will go into these blog posts as not everyone has access to 1st Ripley’s facebook page.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to tweet and post the blog posts it just depends on the signal strength on my phone! But please do keep checking back to see if we have been able to post anything. Feel free to comment on the posts but the leaders won’t be able to comment until we get back.

The latest posts will appear at https://1stripleyscouts.org/category/falcon/walesby16/

See you all at Camp!