A much better night’s sleep last night than Friday!

We started off with breakfast as usual, and off to the morning activities all around the site. With a lot of Cubs finding the craft tent and making their own bags as well as lots of other crafts. The Red Arrows Flight simulator thrilled the Cubs as they twisted and turned through the sky.

At lunch time there was a street party in front of the main stage where all of the camp came together to have their lunch, followed by the Scout Radio team playing music. The BBC where also around with a camera so you might be able to see us on the news!

In the afternoon the swimming pool opened and some very brave Cubs took a dip in what turned out to be a very cold swimming pool. Other Cubs tried their hand at Archery and flew down the zip wire with speed.

After a dinner of chicken curry the Cubs were ambushed by the leaders with an array of water balloons. However this backfired when I ended up soaked more than the Cubs. In the evening all of the leaders had a go at the bag drop, but from the top board. Everything is saying don’t jump but you can’t argue with 33 Cubs chanting JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!

Once the sky had gone dark the closing ceremony finished off with a amazing firework display. It didn’t take long for the Cubs to go to sleep tonight either, but we have an early start in the morning to get our kit all packed up ready for home time.